HoneyWood continues to expand, enter new markets and access new communities around the globe 🌏

Join the community of your region listed below or leave an application to create a new one in your region and become a moderator. It is for everyone and anyone who wants to contribute to the Honeywood project and receive their own exclusive publicity by becoming a Representative in their respective region 🗺:

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Great news here! ⚡️

HoneyWood team is steadily working on making our game more accessible for the players.

Now we are so much excited to announce the integration of Keplr into HoneyWood.

This milestone gives us an incredible boost in the development of our project and reassures the members of global GameFi community that we are here to stay and grow together.

Keplr is a well-known open-source wallet for a browser extension that powers the ecosystem of the Cosmos Interchain. A wallet that provides easy management of all assets on the Cosmos SDK Extension blockchains. Keplr is only supported on Google Chrome 🌎

This now enables all HoneyWood users to register each time and log in to the game without entering the menemonic phrase, but instead with a simple tool — the Keplr wallet, secure, safe, and very flexible.

Easily manage your funds 👌🏻