HoneyWood NFT Sale on BitMart

HoneyWood Official
2 min readAug 26, 2022


When: 29th of August

Where: https://BitMart.com

Start time: 8 am EDT (11 am GMT)

Link: will be announced after the start of the sale

269 NFT tickets will be available to buy on the BitMart exchange from 29th August. You can view and purchase some pretty cool unique NFTs at your favourite blockchain game… HoneyWood!

All NFT tickets from this exclusive collection give you the right to exchange them into game assets on honeywood.io with additional bonuses. Moreover, all CONE NFT tickets will give you the right to be in the unique and very exclusive Golden Bee Club and also stake them and receive rewards from all commission fees of the blockchain network.

Play 5 minutes a day and earn!

The listing for HONEYCoin is only the beginning of a long journey. From this moment on, the cryptocurrency goes into free float and its further value will be determined by supply and demand, and will also reflect all the actions of our development team.

Selling to BitMart is your first opportunity to buy our original NFTs at a discount and subsequently resell them on OpenSea or the BitMart marketplace.

This is the very trade in NFT items, when, having bought at a discount, you can sell NFT more expensively, or you can not sell it at all. This is a sellable and buyable item. Until a person exchanges a ticket for a game of our internal item, it can be sold to each other. This is another way to make money in the HoneyWood game.

Please remember that the supply is very limited.