How to register on BitMart and buy NFT from the first edition of HoneyWood

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7 min readSep 2, 2022


The detailed instructions you’ve been asking for — How to register on the BitMart exchange and buy NFTs from the first edition of HoneyWood.

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As you all know, the HoneyWood has already announced the imminent listing of HoneyCoin, which will start with the BitMart exchange. As of August 29, 2022, NFT tickets from the first issue of HoneyWood are already available for purchasing on BitMart.

And so how do we get access to buy those NFTs by HoneyWood on BitMart exchange?

We start by registering on the exchange.

In the address bar of your browser you need to enter the address of the exchange and enter the site.

On the first page we will be immediately asked to enter your phone or email in order to start. Due to various circumstances (such as enabled VPN), I advise you to register by email, some country phone codes do not work correctly.

No matter what you entered in the previous window, press the “Get Started” button. We choose the tab Email, specify your email, and come up with a password.

If you have a referral code, enter it in the appropriate field. Confirm that you are at least 18 years old and click “Sign up”.

You will be sent a verification code, via email / SMS and you should enter this in the next box. Congratulations you are now registered!

Congratulations you are now registered!

The next section tells us how to get Welcome Bonus. But we are interested in the NFT HoneyWood collection, so choose the top tab “NFT”.

Our attention is drawn to a window offering a variety of NFTs, as well as at the top we see the banners, which can be switched to the right / left. We click to one side and look for our HoneyWood banner. Clicking on it opens the NFT HoneyWood collection, all you have to do is select the one you want.

You can also get to the NFT HoneyWood collection by browsing the originally offered NFTs on the first page, find NFT HoneyWood and click on the collection name.

Next, choose the NFT you need. Open it and click “Buy now”. But the exchange tells us that to buy NFTs, you must be verified. In the future, I advise installing a two-factor authentication ( 2FA) method, such as Google Authenticator, which is downloadable via the app store.

Follow the terms of the exchange and click “Verify Now”.

In the next window, you see that for the purchases of NFTs, you must pass the verification of level 2. We begin at level 1 Starter, click “Verify Now”. You will be asked to choose a country, enter your first and last name and date of birth and then confirm.

Please note that it is impossible to change this data, so it is highly recommended to enter the data exactly as indicated in your documents because the level 2 verification will require your official document.

After verification, we see that the level 1 verification — passed! Press continue.

To verify level 2, the exchange asks us to scan the QR-code on the phone. Scan the code, or using the credentials, go to the application on the phone and verification there. You will be asked to choose a country and a document for verification. After that, you take a picture of the document, check if all the data is visible, and then confirm again. If you are not satisfied with the photo, there is a button “Try again”.

Next, verify your face by biometrics, press start and put your face in the frame drawn on the screen. The software checks the photo and I congratulate you, you have passed all the necessary verifications.

All you have to do is to deposit your USDT account on the exchange, select and buy NFT HoneyWood, which we are going to do now.

I have already prepared the USDT to buy, go to the tab NFT on the BitMart exchange. I select the HoneyWood banner as described above in the article and get to the collection page.

Here you can organize our NFTs by price and time of addition.

Next, I select the NFT for 35.1 USDT, open it.

I open it, click buy, confirm — congratulations, NFT purchased. You can see your NFT collection in the “NFT Assets” menu.

Please note that NFTs are released on the Polygon network, while HoneyWood is built on its own separate blockchain in the CosmosSDK environment. It follows that we need our Polygon network address to send our NFT.

WARNING: If you send NFT from the BitMart exchange to a bear wallet address you have in the game that starts with bears….. Your NFT may be lost forever!!!

And we go to the game site and log into our account.

In the account we see just our Polygon network address and copy it.

Go back to our NFT on the exchange and click “Withdraw”.

Then we select the Polygon network, click on our NFT and paste the address we copied from our account and confirm the transfer.

Then we go through the payment confirmation authentication and press Submit.

Done! A withdrawal order is created.

I also want to pay your attention to the fact that due to the fact that NFT are issued on the Polygon network, you will need about 1 MATIC (token of the Polygon network) to pay the commission. But you can buy MATIC only from 5 USDT and taking into account the cost of MATIC itself, I advise to exchange USDT in total = price of your NFT + 6–7 USDT.

Consider that MATIC is not necessary to buy on BitMart, you can just send it to the wallet of exchange from a source available to you.

Hovering over your login in the upper right corner, the menu will drop down, select “NFT Assets” and see that our NFT is gone, that is sent.

Select the tab “Order History” and go on to “Withdraw”. Here we can see the status of our transfer. In the picture it is in progress.

After 10 minutes check your items in the game. And one more thing, for correct receiving of NFT or gift, always keep 1 free cell on your apiary.

And so friends, thank you so much for your attention, we registered, bought an NFT and sent it to our HoneyWood.

Big thanks to the author of this article — Suhish

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