How to start playing HoneyWood❓

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5 min readApr 2, 2023


⚙️ After unlocking “CONE” 09:00 UTC 02.04.2023!

1️⃣ The first way! Purchase “Starter Packs” through the HoneyWood website.

🟢 First of all, to get access to all the features of the game and start playing, be sure to sign up on the official HoneyWood game website & create an Account — click Sign Up button.

Click “Sing Up” button!

🟢 Copy your personal “Seed-phrase” and create a Password.

Attention! You won’t be able to login without it, so be sure to keep it safe.

🟢 Attention❗You won’t be able to login without “Seed-phrase”, so be sure to keep it safe.

Click “Login” button!

🟢 Now your account is created, you can access it anytime by logging in at

Click “Play” button!

Before starting to develop an apiary in HoneyWood, you should carefully read the rules of the game in the “FAQ” section on the HoneyWood website 🍯 In addition, HoneyWood is a game that is based on the interaction of each member of our Community: communicate with other players, help them and receive support from them 🤝

Take the training or skip it!
Congratulations, Bear! 🐻 You have started your apiary development journey!

🟢 That’s great! Now, you have created your personal account in the HoneyWood game. The next step is to develop your account, and for this purpose, “Starter Packs” and “Bees Packs” are available on the HoneyWood website in the “Special presale offer” section.

👉 “Starter Packs” are 4 unique sets that the Bear needs to start the game, as they contain a beehive and bees. Each “Starter Packs” is unique because each new set has a new hive and a new bee with completely different characteristics! Only 1 of 4 “Starter Packs” can be purchased at the start of the game, so choose carefully (after purchasing 1 of 4 “Starter Packs”, the remaining “Starter Packs” will be blocked for purchase on your personal “bears…” account forever)!

👉 “Bee Packs” are only available for purchase after purchasing “Starter Packs” and will be available for purchase many times!

👉 “Starter Packs” and “Bee Packs” can be purchased via the following payment methods: Now Payment and Binance Payment.

🪪 KYC (Know Your Client) only needs to be passed in the first case (when using Now Payment), in the case of Binance all KYC are passed on the Binance platform.

2️⃣ The second way! Join HoneyWood by buying “CONE” on the BitMart exchange!

🟢 Register and pass verification on the BitMart exchange to access trading and start trading on the CONE/USDT pair 📊 from April 02, 2023, at 09:00 UTC.

We remind 🔝 that the “CONE” listing took place on March 02, 2023, at 09:00 UTC 🚀

We will now look at 2 ways to transfer “CONE” to BitMart exchange! 🗞️This article contains three main options for sending CONE: from to BitMart.

🟢 The following methods can be used to transfer “CONE” from the BitMart exchange to your personal “bears…” wallet in the HoneyWood game:

👉 Receiving “CONE” by using MonetaToday wallet!

The MonetaToday wallet displays your “HoneyCoin” and “CONE” balance. Now, you can receive “CONE” from BitMart exchange to your Moneta Today wallet (the “bears…” wallet): enter your personal Moneta Today wallet address on BitMart exchange, select the required number of “CONE” you want to transfer, and click “Send”.

To make sure that you have accurately entered your Moneta Today wallet address to which you want to transfer “CONE” from the exchange, you need to: open the Moneta Today wallet on your device, click on “CONE” and then “Receive” (in this tab, you can view and share the address of the “bears…” wallet).

❗ Download the app and use your HoneyWood seed phrase to log in. Download via App Store & via Play Market.

👉 Receiving “CONE” by using the Keplr wallet (This is an extension for the Google Chrome browser).

Keplr News  💫

How to use the Keplr wallet for authorization in HoneyWood?

The complexity of this process is that you must connect the Keplr wallet to your personal HoneyWood account, according to the instructions we have added above! After connecting the Keplr wallet, you select the “HoneyWood Testnet” network on the Keplr wallet (the total amount of personal HoneyWood and “CONE” will be displayed in the Keplr wallet) and using the Keplr wallet (through it) you can transfer the required number of “CONE” from the BitMart exchange to your personal Keplr wallet (the “bears…” wallet).

👉 How to convert CONE to HoneyCoin in order to buy in-game items?

After you have transferred your “CONE” from the BitMart exchange to the “bears…” wallet by one of the above methods, you can use them in our game. However, only “HoneyCoin” are used to purchase in-game items, so you should move to the special section in the in-game store of the game “Honey” and convert “CONE” to “HoneyCoin”. And that’s it ✅ Have a great game Bears!

Convert “CONE” to “HoneyCoin” in the in-game store ✅