New Tournament Functionality

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5 min readSep 17, 2022



Title: Honey Rush
Duration: 8 hours
Start: 18th of September at 8:00 a.m. GMT (first, we will define the schedule further)
Number of games: 20
Cost of participation: 100 HoneyCoin
Goal: to collect the maximum amount of fruits for all games of the tournament

Participation and calculation of results

Entering the tournament

Entry to the tournament opens to all players at the time the tournament begins.
The entrance to the tournament is closed 60 minutes before the expiration of the tournament.

After purchasing a tournament ticket, the player automatically opens access to games in the tournament.
As soon as the player plays all games in the tournament, access to the tournament is closed.

To participants
~ 90% of the tournament prize fund is distributed among the tournament participants

Prizes (35%):
1st place — 15%
2nd place — 10%
3rd place — 5%
4th place — 3%
5th place — 2%

The rest balance (55%)
It is distributed between all participants of the tournament depending on their place, according to the formula:

r = f/n * 0,5 + (3*n^-1,15) * 0,5 * f/n * (n-i)


r = f/n*0,5 + d* (n-i)

d = k/2 * f/n (gain increment)
k = 3 * n ^ -1.15 (ratio step versus number of participants)

r — prize
f is the amount of prize money (55% of the prize fund)
n- number of participants (tickets purchased)
i — place of the participant
d — gain increment
k is the step of the ratio of the number of participants


Tournament organizers receive:
- 10% commission from the bank
- The balance of the distribution of the prize fund between the prizes (since the number is considered by the formula and may not be exactly 55% in the amount)

Tournament screen
Clicking on the tournament icon on the main screen or on the farming screen opens the tournament screen.

Clicking the “play” button starts the search for a tournament deposit partner.

Player didn’t buy a ticket:

Player bought a ticket (games remained):

Games finished:

Deposit Selection Screen

24 hours before the tournament

24 hours before the tournament, a banner about the upcoming tournament is displayed on the deposit selection screen.

Buying a ticket before the tournament

When you press the enter button, the player buys a ticket for the upcoming tournament. The cost of honey is written off from it.
On the banner, the “enter” button is replaced with an inactive “play” button
After the start, the button becomes active, the player automatically gains access to the games of the tournament.

A tournament banner (with a timer and a button) is displayed on the side of the deposit selection screen.
The functionality of the basic deposit selection screen remains unchanged

The screen appears during the start of the tournament (before that, the base screen is displayed) with an offer to buy and a reverse timer before the start.
The screen disappears after the tournament ends (after the base screen is displayed)

Buying a ticket during the tournament

If the player bought a ticket in advance, then after the start of the tournament, the number of available games is displayed to him and the “Play” button becomes available.
If the player has not yet purchased a ticket, then after pressing “enter” HoneyCoin is written off from him and tournament games become available. The “enter” button is replaced by the “play” button

Game Completion Screen
After the match is completed, when playing the tournament game, a button with the tournament icon is added to the match completion screen. When you click on it, the player hits the tournament screen with a leaderboard.

Also, a window with tournament results is displayed when you click on the icon after the tournament.

The prize in the tournament is transferred to the player’s account after pressing the “claim rewards” button.

Completed Tournament Icon

For 24 hours after the tournament, the main screen and the farming screen display the tournament completion icon.
After 24 hours, the icon is removed from the farming screen and the main screen.
Clicking on the icon opens the tournament results window.

The icon itself coincides with the tournament icon
Instead of a timer, the inscription “results”

Popup with a prize

When the user enters the game for the first time after the end of the tournament, a popup with a prize for the tournament is displayed. Popup is displayed only for those who bought a ticket to the tournament.
(Popup is shown even if the icon has already expired on the main screens)