Nov 2022, Important news

HoneyWood Official
3 min readNov 15, 2022


We would like to inform that we have decided to not list HoneyCoin, in favor of listing CONE. As many of you know, in fact, these are two dependent coins and it will be much cheaper and easier to list one coin instead of two. Each listing is a rather serious and complicated event, and we have considered very carefully.. All players will have the opportunity to transfer HoneyCoin to CONE within the game through tree planting.

The idea of ​​listing a coin in a bear market may seem like an unwise idea, especially on a CEX and even more so after the recent FTX catastrophe, however we can do it on a DEX. Everyone will have the opportunity to exchange CONE for USD stablecoins. This is positive because there will be a bridge to enter and exit the game. We have already paid for the listing and an advanced marketing package on the CEX — Bitmart, but we want to save this opportunity until better times. This issue is proposed to be raised at the AMA and discussed in any of the chats of the project.

A new tree planting policy will be introduced: new prices, different air impacts and the number of CONES given per tree. Previously, the trees were planted by the most conscious bears. Now the motivation to do the same actions is increasing and we must avoid the endless increase in air and, as a result, inflation.

A % CONE staking return will be introduced, in addition to in-game commission income. An important innovation will be the automatic staking of cones obtained from planting trees. Thus, staking cones will become much more profitable and the decentralization of the network will be much faster. Moreover for new users it will be possible to pay fees in CONE, not only in HoneyCoin. If you would like to buy cones at a reduced price, you can write to, all the money goes to the development and preparation of the gameplay for the App Store / Play Market.

In the very near future, it will be possible to send HoneyCoin to other players in the community via the Moneta Today mobile wallet (android/ios). At the same time, we will be able to track transfers and share income with those after whose transfer a purchase was made. Imagine that you share some HoneyCoin with a friend, who then shares it with their, and so on. In this case you will have income from their purchases. More details about this program will be announced in a separate article.

Our previous version of tokenomics included an impressive percentage of HoneyCoin liquidity. We plan to burn many of these coins. At the same time, HoneyCoin will be required to sell game items to new players in the App Store/Play Market. Therefore, the value of HoneyCoins and, as a result, CONE will be highly dependent on ordinary players who are not previously familiar with the blockchain. We are moving towards mass adoption and building a bridge between the world of mobile games and Web3 gaming.

We will be announcing the AMA soon, and so for the best preparation to really communicate with the community, we ask you to please record your questions in the Discord chat under #AMA QUESTIONS.