HoneyWood Blockchain Game

The P2E gaming market is unbelievably ripe right now and here’s why:

Who could possibly imagine that Interest in the P2E (Play-to-Earn) gaming market would grow by 65.6 times in 2021 alone compared to that of 2020? You can take that fact to the bank, as it comes straight from the recent Blockchain Game Alliance report. For those of us who have a vested interest in the Crypto Space… we know that interest is only going to get bigger and bigger as each year passes. Which is exactly why you need to learn about the most innovative P2E gaming earning opportunity. Join in and reap the rewards of an enjoyable and creative way to earn on the HoneyWood Blockchain Game.

The Honey is in the market, and it is ready for the taking.

Coinciding with our launch in March 2022, user penetration of the gaming market WILL BE 24.9% this year alone, and with that, the number of active mobile gamers worldwide is projected to reach over 2.2 billion. So, the only question that needs to be answered is…


HoneyWood Blockchain game has:

  • Its own separate and dedicated blockchain

Low fees and high capacity for the best gameplay;

  • A fresh variety of Play-To-Earn mechanics

PvP Battles, Farming, Staking, and NFTs

  • Interesting Multiplayer gameplay

Popular casual mechanics

  • We’re part of the Moneta Today cross-chain ecosystem

We ensure the support of the entire ecosystem

  • A self-organized economy

The Game’s economic system is built with a balance of all mechanics

You’ll be delighted with our awesome design and user-friendly web site: honeywood.io where we’ve really laid out all useful information about the HoneyWood Game, including:

  • Our Strengths
  • The Game Concept
  • Everything Tokenomics
  • Roadmap
  • Our team
  • White Paper
  • Social networking Apps/Links

This all leads towards the HoneyWood Game release in March 2022.

Stay tuned HoneyWooders! We value our growing community on social media, and can’t wait to show you our forthcoming BIG surprises!

Don’t miss out on this innovative Play To Earn (P2E) opportunity, whereby you get to have boatloads of fun whilst raking in cash simultaneously!



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