We will now look at 2 ways to transfer “CONE” to BitMart exchange!

HoneyWood Official
3 min readMar 1, 2023

Attention! The first two steps out of the required ones are suitable for all ways of making a transfer, and each subsequent step is chosen by each user as convenient to use personally. And so let’s proceed to the consideration!

⚙️ To get started, our members must have a wallet on the BitMart exchange and have “CONE” on their “bears…” wallet, to do this, follow these steps:

1️⃣ Log in to our website, HoneyWood. In each member’s personal account a “bears…” wallet will be listed and a “Polygon/BSC/OKC” wallet address will be automatically generated to it. This is necessary to refill your personal game “bears…” wallet tokens “CONE” from Polygon/BSC/OKC networks! (Note! This process takes time, namely up to 4 hours!)

HoneyWood FAQ (How do I get started? …)

2️⃣ Next, log into your personal BitMart account (If you haven’t registered, do it, now!) and find the “Deposit” section. Find the “CONE” token in the list of supported assets, read the deposit conditions and copy the deposit address.

3️⃣ After completing the previous two steps, we can move on to step 2, which is choosing the right way for you to transfer “CONE” to the BitMart exchange!

🟢 Sending “CONE” by using MonetaToday wallet!

First, install the application from the Google Play & App Store of the MonetaToday wallet on your device and register in it using the seed-phrase of your personal HoneyWood “bears…” wallet. The MonetaToday wallet displays your HoneyCoin and CONE balance. Now, you can send CONE to the BitMart exchange via the Moneta Today wallet: choose the required number of CONE, insert your personal wallet on the BitMart exchange and click “Send” (but do not forget to go through the pop-up confirmation). And that’s it!

❗ Download the app and use your HoneyWood seed phrase to log in. Download via App Store & via Play Market.

⚙️ In addition, we would like to point out some very important information regarding the commission when conducting transactions using the Moneta Today wallet!

🐻 The first option is when the member makes a CONE transfer and the member does not have HoneyCoin on the account — then the member pays a commission in CONE, namely 1 CONE. In this case, it is necessary to take this moment into account when specifying the number of CONEs when making a transfer (If the user has put the entire number of CONEs and has not left 1 CONE for the commission, an error will appear!)

🍯 The second option is when the member makes a CONE transfer and the member has HoneyCoin on the account — then the member pays a commission of 0.01 HoneyCoin.

🟢 Send “CONE” by using the “Keplr” wallet (This is an extension for the Google Chrome browser).

How to use the Keplr wallet for authorization in HoneyWood?

The complexity of this process is that you must connect the Keplr wallet to your personal HoneyWood account, according to the instructions we have added above! After connecting the Keplr wallet, you select the “HoneyWood Testnet” network on the Keplr wallet (the total amount of personal HoneyWood and CONE will be displayed in the Keplr wallet) and using the Keplr wallet (through it) you can transfer the required amount of CONE to your personal wallet on the BitMart exchange.