Welcome to the Golden Bee Club!

HoneyWood Official
3 min readSep 12, 2022


Hello Bears,

The doors of our long-awaited closed Golden Bee Club have opened and we are glad to invite you you all to join it!

The purpose of creating this club is to bring together experienced players in one place to share knowledge, experience, receive unique offers, game items, participate in events, drops and personal communication with the game team. To unite the most active and conscious people who support the environment in the HoneyWood world. Create favourable economic conditions for them.

Club members are the owners of the project’s control tokens. They can decide on the future of the project by voting and discussing certain decisions. Cleanliness and order in the world of HoneyWood is the goal of the club. Solving socio-economic problems is what club members do.

We have prepared a large number of privileges for Golden Bee Club members, namely:

  • access to an exclusive channel in Discord, where all token holders are located, who can communicate with each other, as well as with the team;
  • Golden Bee Club badge in Discord;
  • unique NFT items and decorations, for example, giving more honey production to our participants;
  • access to closed events of the project (online and offline);
  • mentioning a nickname on the page of Golden Bee Club representatives on the game website;
  • Exclusive regular drops;
  • Fund allocation in HONEYCoin and drop for the best members of the club

Who can enter the club?

Users who have staked a minimum of 1000 CONE. The more CONE you have staked, the more slots you have, for example 1000 CONE = 1 slot. For example, if you have 5000 CONE, then you would have 5 slots, which means that with contests and airdrops you are 5 times more likely to win a prize, and sometimes even more than one.

Which CONEs are involved?

You can stake absolutely any CONE with a face value of 1000 or more:

  • buy NFTs with CONE;
  • plant trees and get the equivalent in CONE;
  • Buy CONE on our Private Rounds

Drop mechanics:

  • On the 20th of each month, we get the number of staking CONE (this does not take into account free CONE and CONE that were put into unstaking) for all of the wallets in HoneyWood and count the number of slots (1000 CONE = 1 slot; 2000 CONE = 2 slots; 2500 CONE = 2 slots (round down to the nearest integer)

At the moment, the maximum number of slots per wallet is 50. The company system addresses are not included in the calculation. This is necessary in order to ensure the possibility of winning even with one slot.

  • Slots are needed to determine the winners in the drops;
  • We will hold such activities every 20th of the month, rewards: various exclusive items, coins, and so on.

The nearest airdrop:

On September 20, we will hold the 1st airdrop for Golden Bee Club members — it will be a unique Golden Bee 🐝, which depends on the amount of air less than on others.

The prizes will be distributed randomly (lottery) according to your slots, that is, the more slots you have, the more likely you are to get a bee or even several of them.

Welcome to the club!