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3 min readJun 20, 2022


After carefully considering and breaking down all the details, today we’ve finalised our program for everyone and anyone who wants to contribute to the Honeywood project and receive their own exclusive publicity by becoming an ambassador in their respective region. The AP is designed to expand our global reach and provide a unique opportunity for streamers, YouTubers, bloggers, and other content creators to make original materials related to the game, earn amazing rewards in return for it and become a part of a team! As this is just the beginning, we have a limited number of places, which means that only the very best will receive the most interesting prizes and awards, stay truly updated with project insider information, and of course, have easy access to the dev team.

So, it all begins with us getting to know you better and finding out what personal and/or professional experience you have that can help to elevate HoneyWood’s reputation and reach. Ambassadors will assist HoneyWood in a variety of ways that suit your personal skills, such as community growth and development, community management, video content creation, art design, article writing, translations, social media posts, and any other suitable content within the limits of your own imagination. We are looking for ALL skill sets that you might have.

We firmly believe that a strong and harmonized community is the backbone of any successful project, and when it comes to gaming, let alone blockchain-gaiming, this becomes even more important as true decentralization cannot be achieved without an active and engaged community.

Who can join the HoneyWood Ambassador Program?

We welcome everyone who has a strong interest in HoneyWood. Whether you are an influencer, blogger, YouTuber, developer, designer, or crypto enthusiast, everyone with different skills can apply to join our community of ambassadors to actively contribute to the success and growth of HoneyWood. No matter where you are from, anyone can apply as we are very impressed with how diverse our community has recently become.

If you think you have what it takes to become a member of our extended family then please follow the steps as stated below. We look forward to reviewing all applications and are very excited to start this global movement with the best crypto-gaming community in the world!

What do you get as a HoneyWood Ambassador?

Depending on the commitment and authority assumed by the ambassador, we will reward you with awards that include:

  1. HoneyWood coins: we are allocating 10.000.000 HoneyCoin to the Ambassador Program.
  2. Game items that you can use in the game for your own passive income.
  3. Become a part of the wider community of blockchain enthusiasts and make a key contribution to the development of the HoneyWood community and game.
  4. Get exclusive NFTs.
  5. Gain direct access to the latest HoneyWood game updates and news.
  6. And additional bonuses for the most active ambassadors, of course!
  7. Opportunity for face-to-face meetings with HoneyWood team members.

How to take part?

  1. Fill out a google form: HoneyWood Ambassador
  2. Be a follower on our Twitter
  3. Retweet the Ambassador Program post
  4. Subscribe to our Medium
  5. Give this article an Applause! 👏
  6. Join us on Discord
  7. Come on over to our Telegram
  8. Soon after, you’ll hear right back from us.

After you submit your application to become an Ambassador, the team will review your application within 7–14 business days. We will contact those who are most aligned with the goals of our program. Innovative ideas and suggestions on how you can help are most welcome.

Get you application in now!



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